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Silver and Glass Classes

So, I’ve been very busy these last couple of weeks.

Sept. 13 and 14 was a class about PMC and PMC3 and glass. It was a great class – lots of fun. On Saturday, we made flat shapes out of PMC, PMC tube beads and round hollow PMC beads. I didn’t make the hollow bead because I wanted to save some of my clay for later – I’m not quite sure why. But, I have all the demos on file because I recorded them with my new Flip Video camcorder.

Sunday was using PMC3 – which can be mixed with glass because they have similar firing temperatures. There are different forms of metal clay – it comes in a paint like substance which can be painted on the bead – and I’m obviously not a painter. PMC3 also comes in a syringe (which I used to make the leaves on a tree bead), and as a standard clay. I was excited enough about the possibilities with glass and silver clay that I bought a booklet about the stuff. I was mildly disappointed to learn that my kiln doesn’t quite make it up to the firing temp for the clay. Oh well, I’ll just have to save up for another kiln. Hopefully that will be my Christmas present for myself.

I have to give a shout out and thanks to Louis for allowing me to stay in his spare bedroom. We had a lovely dinner with Clay and his fiance Marcy on Friday – they seem like a nice couple – I hope they are happy. Louis also fixed my poor ancient laptop – again. Louis is just an all around super duper guy (who also reads my blog). He also let me stay with him this last weekend for the Patti Cahill class.


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Well, I finally got my website updated. I think it looks good. I ran the text past my mother several times, and she had positive things to say – also about the design. Visit my site here. I think my domain is finally coming into its own, with a topic and content related to the topic. it’s not just a place to pay homage to my cats or experiment with creative gallery code. It feels somehow more adult – more mature. Hopefully, this will blossom into a wonderful bead business in the future.

I just noticed that today is the 11th anniversary of my domain’s creation! Woo hoo!

I also put the beads shown here up on e-bay. This is mostly market research – hopefully someone will bid on it before the auction ends. If no one bids on it I will just throw something else up there until I start selling. I do have another auction lined up for next week – my goal is to list one thing a week on e-bay. The main time consuming task – writing the description template- is done already, so it should be easier to post future listings.

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First Froggie

Well, it’s been a rough few days bead-wise.

I made this frog yesterday, following the instructions in Corina Tettinger‘s book. It was the first frog I had ever attempted to make, and it came out pretty well for the first try. Right?

Well. Let me tell you… I have this terrible habit of doing something really well the first time and then just laying an egg after that. I don’t know why this is, but that’s what I do. So, today was pretty disappointing. I gave it three tries today, but it wasn’t happening. *Sigh*

Last week was so good and productive, and then this week… I guess that’s how it goes sometimes, but hopefully the rest of the week will be better.

The other thing that I’ve been doing the last few days is trying the Precision 104 glass samples that I got from Frantz at the Gathering. I found three colors that I was able to get color out of, and the rest I couldn’t do anything with. I guess it’s good that I only found three colors that I can work because the glass is very expensive. Still, it’s frustrating. I keep wondering what I’m doing wrong. I mean the glass came with instructions and I’m a bright woman. I should be able to get these colors to work! But nooo… Oh well. I’ll try again at a later date.

So, something positive – I have classes to look forward to:

Sep. 13 – Gerry White (Beads by Design)

This class will explore original PMC, tools, firing, and its uses, with special focus on use in enhancing glass beads. With Gerry’s expert guidance, you will have the opportunity to custom design bead caps, cones or frames specifically for your beads and learn to add them to your cold beads. You will also construct round or cylinder beads from PMC, make molds and learn finishing techniques.

Sep. 14 – Gerry White (Beads by Design)

Create wonders using the new generation of PMC. This clay has a lower firing temperature than the clay being used in Class 1, so it can be used to fire directly with glass objects. Paint the surface of your beads with silver to create an image. Make caps to be fired in place or use syringe clay to decorate. Also enjoy a demo on adding silver to the inside of a glass bead. Make molds and learn finishing techniques.

Sep. 20 – 21 – Patti Cahill (At Flame Tree Glass)

I am melting! Beads and Beyond? In this workshop we are going to stretch the definition of BEAD and learn to create glass pieces with the end project in mind. We will consider techniques for creating glass components for specific types of projects from jewelry to mixed media and explore the structural possibilities of glass. Besides beads, techniques will include making rings, off-mandrel work, and compound beads. You will learn about making intricate and repeatable patterns and the relationship between a pieces shape and its patterning possibilities, choosing advantageous colors for your glass designs, and how to purposely combine both with consideration of how glass displaces when melted. Resources will be shared and ideas will be discussed throughout the class time about finding your own unique inspiration.

Oct. 16 – 17 – Trey Cornette (At Hale Fire Glass)

In this two day class we will explore some of the many possibilities with 104 COE glasses. Our canvas will be large scale tab and tube form beads upon which we will experiment with many types of decoration. I will demonstrate my methods for forming large beads, Scrollwork application, Millifori floral canes, working with Reichenbach 108 (RAKU), and others. I will demonstrate some of the beads I make, the processes involved and help you find your own patterns and styles using these methods. We will also learn how to pull our own Raku cane from the large kilo rods furnace workers use. There will be plenty of time reserved specifically for individual exploration and instruction. Bring your questions and ideas as the class will evolve around them.

Oct. 23 – 24 – Jeff Barber (Sponsored by Southern Flames at Beads by Design)

This is an exciting and rare opportunity to learn from an amazing artist while working with a mesmerizing glass! Jeff’s class will help students dispel some of the myths and mystery of working with Satake glass from Japan. Using an oxygen/propane torch, Jeff will cover basics such as flame chemistry, shaping and annealing that are applicable to Satake glass. Design techniques will include the use of copper, silver and gold leaf as well as adding complexity to your beads with the use of simple murrine, twisted canes and much more. All the design techniques are applicable to other brands of glass, making this a great opportunity to try Satake glass, and still learn a few techniques that can be applied to the glass you already use.

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