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Finding My Voice…

I recently joined Facebook to take an online creativity course led by Sylvie Elise Lansdowne. We get one assignment a week and have to make ONE bead. That is, that we don’t get a chance to refine the bead or try different things. Then, everybody in the group comments on the bead photo, and gives ideas of what direction the bead can go in. We’ve done two weeks already, and I have to think on how I’m going to do bead three. This bead here is NOT one of the beads from the course – I’ll get to it in a bit.

This is a different kind of class for me. And I’ve gotten some great ideas so far – and it’s only week two. But I’m finding it very difficult to get moving on the assignments. I don’t like the one shot aspect, I don’t think. I understand why we’re supposed to only make one bead. It is supposed to loosen up the inner critic – by having people look at, comment, and often compliment the one unrefined bead. But I still don’t like it too well.

This bead here is a type of bead I’ve known how to do for ages – it’s in the books. I don’t know why I haven’t tried it before – it wasn’t too hard to do. But, maybe that’s because I’ve had the experience with glass that I have had at this point. Anyway, I like the way it came out except that the flowers are a little washed out looking. I think that the course I’m taking allowed me to stretch myself a little and at least give the bead a try. So, that’s good.

I ordered a bunch of Satake glass last week – it’s supposed to be here tomorrow. So get ready to see some different types of beads. I really enjoyed the Satake class I took awhile back, so I’m excited to get a chance to refine those techniques and maybe do a little experimenting. And then, in July, I’m going to take a class with Akihiro Ohkama, a Japanese bead maker. This class will be taught on Japanese torches (which are radically different from what I’m used to) using Kinari glass. Apparently, we will be making murrini – so that will be wonderful. I’m so excited!

Well, that’s all the bead related news I have at this time. I’m going to NY (state) to visit my father next week, so I probably won’t get a chance to melt the Satake glass until I get back. And, I have another class coming up on the 23rd and 24th, so April is a busy month.



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