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Aquarium Dreams

Several months ago I decided to set up an aquarium. It has taken forever to accumulate all the pieces, but I finally have all the parts except the fish. I still have to fill it with water and figure out the filters, but hopefully I will get it set up by New Years.

Getting the fish will be a bit tricky. My local fish store (LFS) is no good. I bought most of the parts there, but decided not to continue doing bussiness with them when I ordered a specific item and they replaced it with a cheap knockoff while still charging me full price. The other place to buy fish is a large pet store chain. But I’ve seen so many dead fish in their tanks that I’m really reluctant to buy fish there.

So, it looks like I’ll be traveling to buy the fish. There is a really nice fish store north of Atlanta that is near my mother’s audiologist. She has an appointment on New Year’s Eve, and I might go with her to get the fish then. That is if I get the tank set up and cycled.

I have gone back and forth on this project several times. When I first got the idea, I was truly excited. I have always wanted an aquarium. But somewhere along the way the sheer cost and complexity of setting up an aquarium made me doubt if it was a good idea. I carried on collecting the pieces needed though, as I didn’t really see a way out. When I got the fake driftwood decorations I had happy thoughts of what the tank might look like once it was all set up. But when I looked at my book and in online fish stores I began to despair that I would ever be able to pick a stocking scheme.

Now I am excited again, and with the tank in it’s current state can begin to see how trully wonderful it will be to have such a thing in the house. I’m thinking about angelfish and cory cats. This is one of the stocking schemes in the book I have, so I know it’s a good pairing, and the fish will be readilly available. Now I just have to find the time between now and New Year’s Eve to get the tank ready.

Wish me luck!



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Lampwork Candy

Lampwork Candy

Wow, I’ve really been neglecting this blog recently. I don’t know what I’ve been doing – I guess that’s why it is important to keep up the blog. I went to visit my father in NY during November, that much I remember. It was a good visit.

This picture is of some smallish frit beads I made using frits from Val Cox Frit. I love her frit blends! These beads have all been made into bracelets and listed on my Etsy store. I have a couple of necklaces up there too. Go check them out – there’s still time to ship before Christmas!

OK, enough sales talk. In other news, the piano lessons are going well. And Christmas came a little early to me – we got an electric piano! It’s a Yamaha something or other and it is a lot like a real piano. I love it! I have been working on Christmas carols. It has this feature where you can record something and play it back. So, I have these elementary Christmas carol duets, and I’m recording one part and then playing along with the accompaniment. It’s fun!

My other early Christmas present was from me. I got an iPhone. I love the darned thing, although after about a month and a half I don’t have to play with it every minute of the day now. So far it’s been a good Christmas!

As for the real time Christmas season, we got the tree up yesterday and strung with new LED energy saving lights. My mother decided that it was finally time for the old lights (42 years old) to be retired. I like the new lights, but I think they will take some getting used to. I’ve spent just about every Christmas of my life looking at the old lights and there’s just something very strange about having new lights on the tree. The plan is to get the tree decorated tonight.

Going back a couple of months, I have pictures of Myrtle Beach that I have to go through and post to flickr. It was a fun trip. We saw some beach, relaxed, and saw some more beach. It wasn’t too crowded (I guess the last week in October is not peak season.) And yet, it wasn’t too cold. It was too cold to go swimming, for sure, but not too cold to enjoy the sand and waves and other beachy things.

Well, I’m off to the piano recital that I am NOT in – I don’t think I’m really ready yet – I’ve only been taking for four months or so. But it will be good to see what other students have been doing. I’ll try to post more regularly going forward. I understand that there are actually a couple of people that enjoy reading my blog.

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