Halloween Beads A Little Late

Ghost I

A few weeks ago I spent a few days with my friend Beth (from FL) and Marcy Lamberson. Beth was taking a private lesson from Marcy and I was there to enhance the experience. I think we all had a great time, at least I know I did. We talked, and melted glass, and visited FlameTree. How could that not be a good time?

Marcy is such a fabulous teacher and I am such a wonderful student that even though I was just observing the lesson, I learned a great deal. I want to tell you about these Halloween beads I made – yes I know it’s a little late, but oh well.

First we have the ghost bead. This is pretty much exactly what Marcy showed us how to make. I think it’s cute and fun to make. Usually sculptural beads give me fits because I’m so worried about keeping them warm. But I think my experience with the other beads I’m making has gotten me to relax a little bit.

Well, this ghost is adorable, but it occurred to me that I could do something with it. So, I made another one and gave it a little trick-or-treat basket. I was very pleased with how this one turned out. Unfortunately there is a crack next to the pumpkin basket. 😦
Ghost II

I also tried to make bat beads, but I forgot how Marcy did them and just experimented. Here are my three tries. I think I got better with each try.
Bat I

Bat II


Sometimes I’ll get requests. I don’t like requests. I know some people like requests, but I don’t. This next bead is an exception though. The owner of the Curves I go to asked me to make a black cat with green eyes. Normally I would have ignored it, but I was so energized by my time with Marcy that I gave it a go. Marcy hadn’t shown me how to make a cat – she had demonstrated an owl. But, I took what I had learned from that and applied it to making a cat. I made three cats, each one better than the last I think. I only have the first and the third here because I took some beads in to church to show people and someone bought the second cat before I had photographed it.
Cat I


I also made some pumpkins.


So those are all the Halloween beads I made. They were fun to make, and I enjoyed showing them to people. Now I need to turn my attention to Christmas.



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5 responses to “Halloween Beads A Little Late

  1. You did a great job… I love how you added the little pumpkin to the ghost. Perfect finishing touch! I am so intrigued by glass work. Marcy taught you well, love all of them.

  2. Great job on all of them!! 🙂

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