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Weekend Warriors

I went to Clay’s house this weekend to help him put cork flooring on his walls. I enjoy work weekends with Clay – I helped him put down his bamboo floor a few years ago, and that was a fun weekend too.

While I was there, one of his neighbors introduced me to her boyfriend by saying: “This is Robin, she makes glass beads.” And I thought how nice that was – certainly better than “This is Robin, she’s on disability, she doesn’t do anything.” I was just very happy to have an identifying characteristic – even if it doesn’t sound like much at first blush.

I missed church to be in Atlanta, and I was scheduled to participate in the service. Funny thing, the pastor actually talked me out of coming back for church. I was prepared to come back Saturday and do my bit on Sunday morning, but the pastor kept saying he could get a replacement, and it wasn’t a big problem, and are you sure you don’t want to stay all weekend? So, I called Clay, and he said he’d prefer if could stay until Sunday night, so I did.


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