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Tuesday was a good bead day. I made all these beads – I was at the torch for 4 hours! That’s the longest I’ve ever spent at the torch. My mother also really liked what I did that day. I felt like I was really making progress – it felt very creative. I picked six shades of blue – three opaque and three transparent – pulled some stringers, and just played with dots. It was loads of fun, and I came out with some nice beads.

Wednesday was not such a good bead day, but it wasn’t bad either. Today was a bad bead day. First I was making a landscape bead, and I noticed that the orifices of my torch were glowing, so I turned it off and had a cigarette to let it cool down. I dumped the bead – I hadn’t gotten very far with it anyway. Then, after the torch cooled down and I got to the landscape bead again, I was almost through when I noticed that the rubino oro I had in the sky had turned grey. So, I turned the oxygen up and reheated – I think I saved the bead but I’m not sure. It’ll come out of the kiln in about half an hour.

Then, I tried to make a couple of fish and they came out all wonky. Then, I was trying to make some encased pink and purple stringer, and I had a time with it. I finally got something I could use, and started on a transparent aqua hollow bead, and it came out round, but not terribly hollow. So, I gave up for the day. *Sigh* Hopefully I’ll have a better day tomorrow.

So, I haven’t posted in quite a while – I’ve been busy with the beads. A couple of highlights…

I went to the Southern Flames meeting on April, 28. It was fun, I met a couple of people and I joined up. I couldn’t make the May meeting because I had bell choir practice. And I can’t make the June meeting because that’s the day that we’re getting back from the NAMI convention.

I’ve spent a couple of weekends with Clay. He is tolerant of my incessant bead talk, and considers the bead making as art. His assessment of my chances is good. He says that I have the two things I need – a genuine enthusiasm and “stick-to-it-ive-ness”.

I went to a Mad Housers work day. I’ve been wanting to do that for years and finally could be in Atlanta on a Sunday when there was a work day. We were pulling down a hut close to the warehouse. It was eye opening – not revelationary, but definitely gave me something to think about and I’m glad I had the experience.

Also, this past weekend, I helped with the NAMI Jacksonville yard sale. We raised a lot of money – more than I thought we could. So, that was eye opening to me too. Then it was the Music at McClellan concert. We always enjoy these concerts. I think they are nice, my mother won’t go so far as to call them “nice.”


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