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Bumpy Beads

These beads I made a week or two ago. I just discovered that some stones I had tucked away – from when I was just randomly buying stones – matched perfectly with the green color here. Now, the trick is to make the glass beads stand out and not get swallowed up by all the green of the stones. I think the way I’ll solve this problem is just to put all the lampwork together separating each bead with silver spacers and then have the stones on either side also with spacers in between. Not a very complex design, but I think it will look very nice. I’m actually quite excited about the prospects of this piece.

I had a lot of fun making these beads – playing with the different colors. Dots can be fun – I’ve been making quite a few beads with dots recently. But, I haven’t been able to come up with a set of colors I enjoyed working with as well as these colors here.

I’ve also been playing with frits that I got a few weeks ago. I made a bunch of test beads over the last week or so, and started making lentils with the frit. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the beads. I don’t know if I want to try and make bracelets or if I want to make them into pendants or what. I don’t think the size I’ve made would work for earrings – perhaps if I made some smaller lentils.

One thing that I am trying to work on is my stringer skills. It finally occurred to me today that I could use some of the leftover stringer I have for practice. So, I used up some stringer and got some practice all at the same time. What a great way to use all the extra stringer I have. I wish I had thought of that before, but no matter – I’m sure I’ll use plenty of it practicing. I’m getting better, but I still end up melting half the stringer flat when I make spirals. I can make four or five practice beads and then I have to go on to something else.



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ocean 1

ocean 1
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And then it’s things like this that make me think – yeah, I can do this. I mean, here we have a transparent base with some stripes and some dots. A little bit of shaping, and voila! I can do that. These are very nice beads, don’t get me wrong, but they don’t require any skills I don’t possess.

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