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Frit Wire Wrapped Bracelet


I forgot to mention that I registered for The Gathering – the convention for the International Society for Glass Beadmakers. I made hotel reservations today. I’m staying in the convention hotel which will be expensive, but convenient. Now all I need is plane tickets. I’m so excited!

I also forgot to mention that I got my hair cut on Thursday. My hair is still falling out so the hairdresser said the best cut for me is a real short bob, so that’s what I got. I don’t like it, but it looks a lot better than what it was.

Saturday, I went to a wire wrapping class at Beads By Design in Marietta GA. I made the bracelet pictured here and a matching pair of earrings. This was in preparation for making my mother’s day present for my mother. it was a simple thing to do, but the instructor had some great tips. I think it was worth it to learn how to do the wire wrapping correctly. And, people were very complimentary of my beads.

The air conditioning people were supposed to come out today to install the hood and ventilation for my studio, but the sheet metal mechanic had a stroke last week so they couldn’t come out. This is a bit of a set back, and I’m a little disappointed. We worked so hard to get the garage and basement ready for the hood installation today, and now we don’t know how long it will be before it gets done. To use my mother’s words, “bummer!”

This bracelet is for sale on Etsy: muonglass.etsy.com.


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