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More on Double Helix Gaia


I haven’t made any Double Helix beads in the last few days so I better write out my process so I don’t forget. As you can see, I’m working on a Hot Head. I use a piece of tin foil to create the reducing flame. I read somewhere on the net that you could just slide a collar of tin foil on and off the holes, but I found that the shape of the Hot Head was not conducive to that. Instead I have been holding the tin foil together with my hand. This could be a problem.

First, form the bead in a regular neutral flame. Then, let the bead cool until it is no longer glowing. I use the time that the bead is cooling to grab my tin foil and hold it over the holes in the bottom of the torch. Gaia reduces very quickly. Just a few seconds in the reducing flame right above the candles should do it.

I’ve rethought my method of creating a reducing flame. I’m going to try a clothespin to keep the tin foil in place and try encasing the bead in the reducing flame. I will post the results.


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