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Sometimes It’s The Little Things

I made these Sunday. I was so thrilled about the colors that I just made some simple beads to show off the glass. I’m going to make a necklace for my mother for Mother’s day. That’s still quite a ways off and it won’t be a surprise, but oh well. I think she’ll like it anyway, and this way she has some input into the design.

These beads were very tough to get off the mandrel. I don’t know if it’s the glass, or the stress created by the design or what, but they were a bear. I got a pretty bad blister on Monday trying to get the beads off the mandrels, and I still wasn’t able to get them all off. It wasn’t until yesterday night that I was able to get the last bead free.

It’s funny, because Monday started off well. I made my first Etsy sale, and I got out to Curves early. When I got back however, it was rough going trying to get my beads off the mandrels. And, I had to get them off in order to re-use the mandrels for more beads. By the time I removed as many as I could, and tended to my bleeding blister, I was hungry.

So, I ate lunch a little early and decided to mail off the earrings I sold on Etsy before I made more beads. By the time I finally started work on new beads, I was horribly uninspired. My finger hurt, my gas canister was running low, and I wasn’t having any fun – I didn’t have any creative ideas floating around in my head. I took a brief break to look at stationary online – it’s terribly expensive – and I saw a brown and green pattern that inspired me enough to make a couple of beads. But, my heart wasn’t into it.

Yesterday, on my way to Flame Tree Glass, I was still ambivalent about the whole melting glass thing. I wasn’t looking forward to the private lesson, and I was generally blah. I worried that my interest was declining, maybe I was declining. What I had so recently declared was my passion held little interest all of a sudden.

The lesson perked me up a bit. Lance obviously loves working with glass and that kind of enthusiasm is infectious. I enjoyed working on the Bobcat, and appreciated how quiet it was compared to the Hot Head. I learned some basic sculpting exercises and started some work on the human form. It was an all together good experience and I look forward to the next lesson. I won’t be able to do that more than once a month. It’s kind of expensive.

Last night, I was still feeling a little less than inspired about melting glass, but when I finally got that last bead off the mandrel, it was like a weight lifted. Suddenly I was excited again. I was looking forward to cleaning the bead and taking a picture of all the Satake beads together (as seen at the top of this post.) I was looking forward to my next session. Some times it’s the little things that do it for you, and that bead was the little thing weighing on my mind.

Today, I was able to push through some not very good beads to get a good working example of a new idea I had. I was enjoying the process again. My glass just looked more appealing to me. I still got a little tired of standing at the torch, but hopefully I’ll have a setup where I can sit soon and listen to music.  I think that will be ever so much better, and I’ll probably spend hours at the torch – I already do, but probably more hours. I hope.


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