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Done! (Well Almost)

My hose came today, so I rushed out to Lowe’s to get a couple of screws and a canister of propane. Tonight after dinner, we went down and attached my new GTT Lynx to the table, connected everything, tested the connections for leaks, tightened up the connections, and turned on the torch! I made a couple of boro beads on my new torch, turned off the oxygen and the propane, bled the line and turned off the fans. It’s a complicated set-up, but it works!

Now all I have to do is clean up the mess we made tonight putting everything together, and move everything from the upstairs “studio” to the new basement studio. I don’t have to go to Curves, but I do have bell choir practice and Wednesday night supper. So, I should get some torch time in.

I’m going to have to study and play around with this torch – it has a lot more variables than the Hot Head does. I don’t think the beads I made today were very good because I didn’t have a reduction flame or oxidizing flame or whatever. It might take a while to figure out this torch, but I’ll enjoy doing it.

Yay! I got my new torch up and running! Whoo Hoo!


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Busy, Busy, Busy

Happy Easter!

Friday, my mother and I went to Your Dekalb Farmers Market in the Atlanta area. Since we were headed that way already, I suggested a stop by Beads By Design and Flame Tree Glass. We got off to a bit of a late start since we had a leisurely morning. By the time we got through at the Farmers Market is was 8:30 PM (eastern time).

At Beads By Design we picked out chain, a clasp, and accent beads for the Satake swirl beads I made. We had a lot of fun. The woman who waited on us was very helpful and knowledgeable about making jewelry. In the past I have felt a little odd in that shop, almost like I was being an imposition, but this time I didn’t feel that way. The woman who helped us also convinced me to go to the wire wrapping class on April 12th. I figure that it would be easier to take a class than try and figure it out for myself, and since I plan on moving in to finished jewelry at some point, the skill will stand me in good stead. I’m excited about the class and making the necklace for my mother – I spent a good deal of money on supplies, but it will be worth it if my mother enjoys wearing the finished project.

We went to Flame Tree Glass next. I wanted a little bit of green and brown glass, and give my mother a chance to talk to the people there about a new torch, oxygen concentrators, and studio setup. We were there for a while waiting on Lance to finish his class. But, after talking to him we settled on a torch to buy – looks like I will be getting a Lynx. The theory behind this choice is that the bigger torch will allow me to grow in the future, but at the same time would run on one oxygen concentrator. I think that was a productive use of time. Now, we just have to figure out where to put the studio, what we are going to do about the hood and ventilation, and where to put the oxygen concentrator. Setting this up is not going to be easy or simple.

The last stop we made before the Farmers Market was The Vitamin Shoppe. My mother has been feeding me vitamins, and in her quest to figure out why I suddenly started being more active around the end of January has decided that supplements have had a big influence. She has been loading me up on fish oil and now, ginkgo biloba. Both are supposed to help with negative symptoms of schizophrenia. I figure they can’t really hurt and might be beneficial – my mother found a couple of reliable sources that indicate these supplements are beneficial. My mother also has been feeding us blueberries every day. I don’t pay much attention to the food and nutrition info she’s always spouting, as long as it tastes allright I’ll eat it. That was one of the pros in moving back in with her – the food would be better.

¬†Yesterday we went to another opera – Tristan und Isolde by Wagner. It was a long opera – it started at 11:30 AM and got finished around 4:45 PM. I fell asleep during the second act, but what I saw of it was wonderful. I’ve been wondering what kind of music to listen to while I’m at the torch, and I’ve wondered if I might not like to try opera. Naxos has a web radio service that has an opera channel. I might have to spring for the service and try it out.

Well, I finally got to spend some time at the torch today. I only spent two hours at the torch, and made eight beads. I don’t know if I will get a chance to torch tomorrow or not. I’m getting a little behind on my log file, so I might have to spend time doing that. We’ve been very busy this weekend what with all our running around. I’m looking forward to Tuesday when I can spend more time at the torch.

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Flower Bead

I said I’d post this bead from March fourth, so I am. I haven’t made any flower beads in the last few days. I’ve been focusing on rounding out series of beads that I can sell on www.etsy.com . I’ve been playing with my glass too. I tried making a hollow bead and it came out horribly. I’ve been practicing bicones, and working on new designs.

On the DH Gaia front, I tried attaching the tin foil around the Hot Head with a metal binder clip, but it didn’t work too well. I need to work on that technique a little bit more.

I don’t think I’ve posted this yet, but my mother is talking seriously about getting me a new torch. I’m so looking forward to having a bigger, more powerful torch. A lot of things need to be worked out first, like where in the house I’m going to set it up, what we’re going to do about ventilation, what torch to buy, and so on. I have a lot of questions and it is very difficult to sort through all the information on the Internet. Well, it isn’t really information, more anecdotal really. But still, I should be getting a new torch in the next couple of months. I’m so excited!

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More on Double Helix Gaia


I haven’t made any Double Helix beads in the last few days so I better write out my process so I don’t forget. As you can see, I’m working on a Hot Head. I use a piece of tin foil to create the reducing flame. I read somewhere on the net that you could just slide a collar of tin foil on and off the holes, but I found that the shape of the Hot Head was not conducive to that. Instead I have been holding the tin foil together with my hand. This could be a problem.

First, form the bead in a regular neutral flame. Then, let the bead cool until it is no longer glowing. I use the time that the bead is cooling to grab my tin foil and hold it over the holes in the bottom of the torch. Gaia reduces very quickly. Just a few seconds in the reducing flame right above the candles should do it.

I’ve rethought my method of creating a reducing flame. I’m going to try a clothespin to keep the tin foil in place and try encasing the bead in the reducing flame. I will post the results.

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Today’s Torch Session

I’m feeling better about my lampworking after today’s torch session. I made six beads, four tiger stripe and two regular stripe, and all before noon. My gas ran out on me again, but no problem as I have the kiln to keep the bead warm. At this point I’m allright if the beads come out poorly, as I think the tiger stripe will. I have plenty of glass to practice with and I’m building my stamina. Now I’m off to get more gas and a couple of big bolts to put in my kiln so the beads won’t get marred resting against the insulation. I probably should have gotten the bolts a long time ago but oh well.

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