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My Trey Beads

I just got back from a Trey Cornette class at Hale Fire Glass in Madison, AL. It was a great class. Trey is an awesome artist and great teacher. The other students in the class were awesome as well. And, of course the studio space and hostess Terry Hale was just wonderful.

I have said a few times (probably not here) that I really don’t want to think about or discuss the political situation right now. One day I’ll wake up and somebody will tell me to go vote and I will. Nobody is going to change how I vote, and I don’t have the knowledge or skill to change anyone else’s mind, so I just don’t want to talk about it. having said that, we all bonded together and found that we could discuss politics and religion with no hard feelings – we were all close to being on the same page. And the political discussions were such that I could tune out most of them – but it was without question, a lively class.

And the beads! I love Trey’s beads – and his attitude about teaching his work. He is confident enough to say “go out and copy me,” adding “people will just say ‘oh, she’s making Trey beads now.'” So, that’s wonderful – although I will certainly make reference to my inspiration when I post my ‘Trey beads.’

Speaking of… The bead on the left here is the “Tribal” bead. The middle bead is the scroll work and end cap bead, and the bead on the right is the “Tye-Dye” bead – it’s only half finished, but I love this technique – it is just out of control. I’m definitely going to be practicing and making these beads. There were a few “a-ha!” moments in this class, and one of them for me was the “Tye-Dye” technique. I highly recommend the class – if you make beads, and get a chance, take this class.

I came away from this class inspired, excited, enthusiastic, wired (on caffeine), and buoyed by the support of the other students and Trey. I have a lot of fresh new ideas, techniques, and a few encouraging tips on how to start trying to sell my beads. It was an all around fun time – and I’m glad I embarked on this little adventure.



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