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So, today’s torch session didn’t go very well. First, for the tiger stripe bead, I made a twisty that didn’t turn out well. I thought I had the ends heated up, but they went cold as soon as I started pulling. Oh well, I wrapped it around a black base bead anyway. It didn’t look good. But, I thought it might turn out anyway so I encased in clear and put the brown dots on it, melted them down and popped it into the annealing oven. The result? Not good. Into the dud pile it goes. I didn’t even photograph it for my records.

Then, my gas ran out – rather the canister got too cold – in the middle of a dot bead. I was successful in putting the bead in the oven, changing canisters and reintroducing the bead into the flame. That was good. But the bead d2008-02-19-03.jpgidn’t turn out the way I was hoping.

 I also made a couple of stripe beads with the electric yellow. As you can see in the picture, the electric yellow isn’t all that transparent. Beautiful color yes, but… I was less than thrilled when I took them out of the kiln. All in all, a pretty disappointing day, especially when this hobby is supposed to turn into something.

On the up side, I got up and out to have my blood-work done, and I got out to Curves to work out. I could actually feel my body moving and my heart rate went up to the target zone. So, I figure that counts as exercise.


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