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Busy Week

Tiger Stripe Beads

Gosh this week has been busy. Tuesday night was the NAMI meeting, Wednesday I had bell choir and Wednesday night supper at church, and yesterday I went to the circle meeting with my mother. I haven’t had much torch time this week, but hopefully once my studio gets situated that will change.

We got the table legs cut down a few days ago and we are supposed to work on the table a little more tonight. I bought some metallic hammered silver paint for the table and I plan on staining the legs a very dark color. Monday the air conditioning people are supposed to come if the sheet metal mechanic is feeling better, and I might be able to go buy the torch Tuesday. I think we are going to get the gas hooked up after I buy the torch, and have all the hoses and connections.

Tomorrow I have a wire wrapping class at Beads By Design in Marietta. This is the class that will hopefully prepare me to make my Mother’s Day present. It’s from 11:00 to – some time. I’ll have to get up a little early in order to drive over there. I want to give myself a little over two hours.

This past Tuesday, at the NAMI meeting, I sold the tiger stripe beads pictured here to Sally. She had been having a hard time with her daughter and was really upset. But getting the beads made her so happy! I only charged half as much as I had originally quoted her, so I didn’t give them to her as I originally planed. It felt good to think that my beads could make a sweet old lady (she’s 81) happy. I think that’s the best praise there is.


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